I am excited to run for Mayor to serve all citizens of Orem.

Our future is bright if we work together.

Watch this video to see my 4 priorities I will work on as your Mayor.

Let’s keep Orem a great place to live!

My Priorities as Mayor:

Protect Neighborhoods


As Mayor I will keep neighborhoods safe and great havens for individuals and families. Orem has some amazing neighborhoods and that “neighborhood feel” is a reason why so many people have moved to Orem. My pledge as Mayor is that I will make you proud to live in Orem.

Keep Orem Safe


Orem City Management with the support of the City Council and Mayor implemented a new pay program for our police and fire employees and what a difference it has made! Since then, Orem has hired 12 new police officers.  The amazing thing about this is that for 9 of those new hires it was a lateral move which brought these new officers to Orem with experience from other agencies. And our firefighters do amazing work and are the heroes of the community. As Mayor I’ll continue to support our men and women in police and fire as they help us stay safe.

Maintain Orem’s High Quality of Life.


We have all chosen to live here because of the wonderful people and ammenities we have. We must ensure that Orem remains the best place to live, work, and play. We can’t afford to mess this up.

Listen to You!


I know that elected officials work for the residents. In my previous service I made sure that we heard from the residents in our meetings and going out into the community. You may have recently seen the benefits of the neighbors having their voices heard in a proposed development at 1600 N and 400 W. I applaud them for their hours of work and their efforts!

In past service as an elected official in various capacities I’ve received and acted upon input from citizens on taxes, school boundary issues, and many other areas of community interest.

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