“We love and trust Jim Evans. We have seen him lead with kindness and wisdom in many different situations. We think he is the perfect man for the job. He is not driven by political motivations. He is just a good man who happens to be exceptionally qualified and talented. We are excited to endorse him to become the next mayor of Orem. “

Chad & Michele Lewis

“While serving as Orem’s mayor I was in a unique position to serve with Jim as a new member of the Orem City Council.  I appreciated that he always came to council meetings prepared to contribute to the process of good city government by studying our agenda materials ahead of time and meeting with citizens to understand their concerns and points of view.  I’m so pleased that he is willing to serve again.  Jim is a proven candidate who will be a great mayor for all of Orem.”

Blaine Willis, former Mayor of Orem

“Lee Anne and I have known Jim and Tana for several years.  Jim loves Orem.  He is wise and experienced.  He never makes it about himself.  We will all be in great hands with Jim as our Mayor!”

Mark & Lee Anne Pope

“Jim is a true statesman.  He is wise, generous, service-oriented and full of integrity. He is well respected in our county and across the state.  He is business friendly—his experience in business at Xactware as an executive is invaluable.  He understands the needs of small and medium businesses.   He and his wife Tana have lived in our community for decades and donated time and money for community causes.  They share Orem’s family values and will work for the common good.   He will be a servant leader. ”

Jim and Councilwoman Debby Lauret

“We’re thrilled that Jim Evans is willing to serve as our next mayor! Orem is our hometown and no matter where we were in Utah, we always wanted to return home. Jim is prepared to lead Orem to a bright future and keeping it a hometown to cherish. Join us in supporting Jim Evans for mayor!

Gary & Jeanette Herbert, Past Utah Governor and First Lady

“We have lived in Orem for over 55 years and raised our family here in this amazing community we love.  We’ve followed Jim’s community service while he served on the Orem City Council, the Alpine School Board and as Orem’s mayor.  He studies the issues and works tirelessly to support the needs and concerns of all Orem residents.  His leadership is grounded in service and care.  We urge you to join us in voting for Jim Evans as Orem’s next mayor.”

Gary and Denise Seastrand

“We have known Jim Evans for over 20 years when JoDee served with him on the

Alpine District Board of Education. Jim is a man of great integrity and compassion. He is collaborative and inclusive and is able to look at all sides of an issue and evaluate them fairly before reaching a conclusion. He leads by example and is well respected. We are thrilled at Jim’s willingness to run for Mayor of Orem and he has our full support. “

JoDee & Jay Sundberg – Orem Residents and former Alpine School Board


“Jim Evans was a fantastic mayor for Orem once before, and he will be again.  We love how he brings people in the community together and how he is so positive, upbeat and humble. Orem needs someone with his leadership ability to help meet our future growth and challenges.  He has our vote!”

Val and Nancy Hale – Orem Residents

“Jim Evans is an amazingly capable and competent leader. He has provided inspired leadership as a former Mayor of Orem, as a leader in the software industry, in the community as the Executive Director of the America’s Freedom Festival and Chairman of Timpanogos Regional Medical Center and within his church.  He will make an enormous difference for good in our city.”

Steven R. Shallenberger – President of Eagle Systems International and Becoming Your Best Global Leadership & Orem Resident

“It’s hard to imagine a more qualified candidate for mayor than Jim Evans. Jim’s previous city experience combined with his successful business background make him the perfect person to serve the city that he loves.”

John & Sue Curtis – Former Mayor of Provo & US Congressman

“Jim Evans has served on the Board of Trustees at Timpanogos Regional Hospital and provided excellent leadership as the Board Chair. I know he will do the same as the next Mayor of Orem. He was on our Board of Trustees for 9 years, and served as the Board Chair for six of the nine years.

I quickly learned to appreciate Jim’s understanding of the community as we worked to meet the needs of the community. He is well connected and works well with others.

During Jim’s time of service on our board Timpanogos Regional Hospital grew significantly  to better serve the residents of Orem and the surrounding cities.  Because of his leadership experience I know that he will do the same as the next Mayor of Orem.”

Kimball S. Anderson – CEO, Timpanogos Regional Hospital

“When I was the City Manager for Orem, I had the opportunity to work with Jim Evans when he stepped in to fill the remaining mayoral term after the passing of Mayor Jerry Washburn. It was a challenging time for Orem and Jim Evans showed his ability to bring consensus with strong leadership, listening to all points of view, and acting in the best interest of the City. Jim Evans worked effectively with the City Council and City staff to balance a demanding budget and to make sure City operations continued to meet the needs of the residents of Orem. While working with Jim Evans as Mayor I found him to be honest, hardworking, and dedicated. He cares deeply for Orem and the residents who live there. This is why I feel Jim Evans will be a great choice for Orem’s next mayor.”

Bruce Chesnut, Retired Orem City Manager

“I’ve known Jim Evans personally and worked closely with him for over 3 decades.  Not once have I questioned his integrity, work ethic, kindness, or commitment.  Jim has taught me by example how to treat people fairly, kindly, and with respect.  A true measure of a leader is how many leaders have they helped develop; and for Jim the list is long and distinguished in the private sector, public sector, and the faith community.

Through Jim’s inspiring leadership, he’s helped create, build, and augment many successful enterprises in existence today.  LiveView Technologies is thriving in large part because of Jim’s leadership on the Commission for Economic Development Board in Orem several years ago.  He has a unique ability to inspire individuals, businesses, and community members to reach their potential.

Jim Evans will be a great choice for Orem’s business community as the next Mayor of Orem!”

Dave Norton, CRO, LiveView Technologies

“It’s exciting to see Orem find an opportunity to fall into the hands of a representative focused on civility, regional support and deep knowledge in the education, transportation, economic and housing needs of the community. From my experience working with him I believe he will be a stellar advocate for Orem and the nearby communities. It’s been great working with him as our representative at UDOT in his role as a transportation commissioner. He has the ability to see the bigger picture and the changing needs of the community.”

Mayor Julie Fullmer, Vineyard

“I’m excited to hear Mr. Evans is running for Orem City Mayor! I met him and worked closely with Jim when I was Chair and Co-Chair of Orem’s Summerfest, he volunteered a lot of time and energy to make Summerfest successful and fun for the citizens of Orem, I valued his input, along with his great ideas, he also helped with the sponsorships. I know he loves Orem and enjoys living here. I feel he is honest and that is important to me especially for leaders in our city! I will definitely and proudly put his sign in my yard when they are available.”

Teresa Wilkinson-Horn

“Having known Jim for a number of years and being able to watch how he handles all types of situations, we can think of no better person to lead Orem as Mayor. He is kind, compassionate, honest and focused.”

Seth and Amber Saunders

“We have known Jim Evans for many years and believe he will provide steady leadership in the City of Orem as its mayor. This is one reason we have decided to vote for him. Having effective leadership at our local level is an important safeguard in protecting and preserving the values we have cultivated in Orem over the past 100 years. We love our great city and look forward to supporting Jim Evans as its next mayor. “

Ben and Julynn Beeson

“As a small business on Orem’s State Street it’s critical that our customers are able to safely and conveniently shop at our location.  Jim in the past has listened and followed up on our concerns and issues.  I know that he will do the same for all local businesses in Orem as our next Mayor.”
Greg Jensen, Owner – MotoFrugals

“We are supporting Jim Evans as Orem’s next mayor”

Alan & Karen Ashton

Jeff & Karen Acerson

Scott & Vickie Garbett

Darin & Melanie Oviatt

Dave & Lori Mangum McGinn

Scott & Christy Kirkland

Skip & Carol McWhorter

Leif & Katrina Larson

Sydne & Darryl Jacques

Mark & Diane Flickinger

Kerry & Julianne Muhlestein

Kent & Rhonda Wood

Kristi & Jared Pyne

Ed & Karlyn Norton

David & Nancy McDougal

Karl & Jackie Farnsworth

Joel & Cindy Tuaileva

John & Cathy Whittaker

David & Kristy Waldron

Lynn Hillstead

Sean & Stephanie Orullian

Aaron & Linda Orullian

Dr. Wynn & Joyce Hemmert

Craig & Chyleen Nielsen

Stella & Stan Welsh

Richard & Gaye Beeson

Lorie & Will Fowlke

Betty Washburn

Brad & Vicki Jackman

Travis & LaRee Hansen

Carl & Cristy Hernandez

Chris Killpack

Val & Ann Peterson

Jeff and Darla Lambson

Layne & Teresa Pace

Brent & Becky Sumner

Wilford Clyde

Dave & Lara Shallenberger

Debby & Jim Lauret

James & Andrea Clarke

Curt & Susie Bramble

Matt & Natali Montague

KC & Judy Shaw

Mark & Shelly Seastrand

Jeff & Anna Rust

Tom & Kaye Macdonald

Alan & Suzanne Osmond

John & Kristen Anderson

John & Kay Thomas

Matt & Mindy Melville

Tim & Elise Larsen

Dennis & Margaret Black

Jack Christensen

Alberto & Kristen Puertas

Keven Stratton

Steve & Cathy Baugh

Former Governor Gary & Jeanette Herbert

Kitty & Doyle Mortimer

Craig & Jana Cottle

David & Stacy Dallin

David & Sharon Lender

Theron & Jody Murphy

Duff & Sharleen Thompson

Stephen Weber

Robert & Beverly Shippen

Debbie & Norm Taylor

Tareq Butler

Sheri & Jon Duffy

Dan Hemmert

Douglas & Carol Hinckley

Tyler & Cherly Babb

Rusty Butler

Thone & Dessa Heppler

Karen McCandless

Jeff & Angie Hunsaker

Scott & Kerri Howell

Chip Tessen

Adam & Crissa Robertson