Neighbors – 

I love living here in Orem. My wife Tana and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

The 26 years that Tana taught kindergarten in Orem schools also helped us to meet and interact on a personal level with so many of the amazing families that live in Orem.

The neighborhood feel of Orem is inviting. It allows us to know our neighbors and have a sense of community.

We can never lose that feeling!

One of my priorities as Mayor is to protect neighborhoods.

I believe high density housing should be kept out of our residential areas.

Over the past 10 years many residents and city officials have developed and adopted nine Strategic Neighborhood Plans.  I commit to supporting these comprehensive plans for protecting our neighborhoods.  As needs arise that are not currently addressed in these plans I will support reviewing and making changes as needed and on a regular basis to keep strong neighborhoods.

After all, it is your neighborhood.

Throughout my professional experience I have been a collaborator, I do that at work and I will do that as Mayor. This experience has given me the insight and skills needed to make a difference in solving these problems.

I am a strong supporter of preserving our neighborhoods and keeping Orem known as Family City, USA.

I hope to earn your vote.



Thursday October 7 – Orem City Candidate Debate. 6 PM, Library Hall.

Monday October 11 – Meet Jim Evans and some of the City Council candidates. 7 PM, Sleepy Ridge Golf Course

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