I will always be honest with you. That’s how I was raised and that’s who I am.

Orem residents will always be first as Mayor. That’s my promise and my pledge.

I would like to address some rumors that are out there about me and about the issues impacting Orem.

Claim: Jim Evans is championing BRT on State Street in Orem and will take out 23 feet of space in front of businesses.

This is FALSE.

We can not allow Orem’s State Street to look like Provo’s University Avenue. So many businesses lost easy access to their stores and this hurts business. As a businessman, I understand this.

I personally am not driving placing BRT down Orem state street as is being suggested by supporters of my opponent for mayor.

My ability to work with the key partners (state agencies and elected officials in the county) and overall transportation issues in the state actually lets me use my knowledge and relationships to help make sure that transportation issues impacting Orem are resolved in the best ways possible for our citizens and business community.

Claim: Jim Evans has sold out to Woodbury and University Place and is beholden to them.

This is FALSE.

I did sign and agreement to allow signage on property owned by the Woodburys.

The tenant of private property rights and the first amendment allow owners to put signs up for candidates that support their efforts. My opponent is wrong when he says the agreement beholds me to whatever Woodbury wants.

In consultation with lawyers, this agreement says I support the efforts of University Place. And I do! When I served as interim Mayor, the last document I signed was the CDA for University Place.